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I was born in Lithuania where I spent 19 years of my life before coming to Scotland to study biology. I managed to get a bachelor’s degree in the end- whoop whoop, parental expectations met!

I’ve always loved crafting whenever I had spare time. I remember some of my teen crafts were a little crochet crossbody hand bag, a crochet woolly hat and a necklace that I made out of a chestnut, play dough, glue and some beads.

I’ve always loved making things with paper, glue, paint, beads, yarn, fabric, fur, buttons, glass jars, clay and nature goodies.

Here are some of my handcrafted accessories that I made when I was a teenager and a young adult:

Above, my teenage crafts, below, I’m sitting on my bed with a doll Leah that I sewed myself.

I didn’t see crochet as my passion until I turned 31 as I was busy with studies, then marriage and having babies.

I did still occasionally crochet for my children during their afternoon naps and I managed to make some crochet baby and toddler items. These photos are taken from my personal family album:

When my children became that tiny little bit easier (mainly when they grew out of toddlerhood) and when I started to think about what I would like to do with my life besides raising a family, that’s when I finally turned my attention back to my little quiet lifetime friend that’s always been by my side, crochet.

I created my first crochet pattern in May- August 2019. It only took me over two months lol!

I’m an evergreen optimist and I love collecting quotes. I am not afraid to dream big and I love adventures.

I’m also not afraid to work hard to achieve my goals. I believe that living life to the full is when I keep improving on my natural talents to become a better and better person. I always try to bring something new to the (crochet) world.

I love the art of crochet because whoever picks up a crochet hook becomes a wizard with the power to change the world one stitch at a time.

Everyone is an artist, everyone is a creator and a designer. The only thing I’m doing differently is that I dare to publish my thoughts, but we all have our own creative thoughts every now and then. Dare to dream.

Happy browsing and see you around!


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