What Is A Colour Ceilidh

You might be wondering what the name of my blog means, so here’s a somewhat dreamy explanation for all you creative souls.


CEILIDH is just such a beautiful word. Pronounced “key’lee”, to me it sounds like the stream of a river, a cheeky bird’s song at the edge of a forest in the morning or maybe a poetic little girl’s name.

It’s actually an ancient Scottish word meaning a social gathering where traditional Gaelic music is played and traditional Scottish folk jiggs are danced, often involving a live band and, of course, a bagpiper.

It’s a time to relax, dance like no-one is watching and learn to see a friend in every stranger as the various dances often involve swapping dance partners until you have danced with everyone else and you’re back at the beginning with the person you started.

To some people, the word CEILIDH sounds so familiar that it associates with the feeling of coming HOME. That’s the case to me at least, every time I read this magical and delicate word, I’m drawn to it somehow and it feels as though it is a part of me.

Probably partly because I made SCOTLAND my HOME since I moved here over a decade ago, got married and had three children.

And it’s such a feminine word, too. It sits so prettily with its neatly arranged letters, Ceilidh, as if it were a GODDESS.

All the good reasons to use it in the name of my blog!

Colour Ceilidh

This brings me to the meaning of colour ceilidh.

As you’ve probably gathered, ceilidh basically means dancing, and colour ceilidh means colours joyfully dancing together.

Just imagine the kind of a party that would be, all your favourite pretty colours, soft and calming, or loud, fresh, bright and zesty, all confident and brave, all spinning around like the stars in the galaxy and holding hands with matching or unusual partners, swapping their partners as they go.

I love inviting my colours to a COLOUR CEILIDH PARTY every time I open my big bursting bag of yarn.

Idea Ceilidhs

Idea ceilidhs… Well these kind of commotions happen in my mind every day, and a lot of them happen at night when I’m trying to fall asleep!

Ideas start gathering together, inviting each other to socialise, twirl around and dance; they appear out of nowhere and start forming little clans or arranging themselves in unexpected ways, extending themselves beyond my head and into the cosmos, all bouncing about and disturbing my bedtime!

Then I have to get up and start writing into the night.


Hopefully you liked my article and I wish you more magical colour and idea ceilidhs in your life!

Goodnight and sweet dreams!

2 thoughts on “What Is A Colour Ceilidh”

  1. That gorgeous word reminds me of nothing so much as one of my favourite movies of all times – “Local Hero”. Have you seen it ?
    If not, try to find it online (I have a DVD of it ! – that’s how old I am); and then you too will have some beautiful visual memories of a totally delightful ceilid.


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