My Little Rant About Tall Crochet Stitch Names

A little confession- I sort of made up a stitch name FP(yoXtimes), “X” being how many times one needs to yarn over! It’s so much simplier that way… For example, FP(yo3times) is FPdtr and FP(yo7times) is FPsexttr.

I don’t know about you, but I get really confused sometimes with how many times to yarn over with all your double crochet, treble crochet, double treble crochet, triple treble/ treble treble crochet stitches… Like, double treble – what does that even mean? Yarn over 6 times as in 2×3 ??? Or yarn over twice more than for the treble which is 2×2=4 ??? And I lose count at triple treble/ treble treble, that’s for sure.

It seems unneccessary sometimes that there’s so much attention placed on how many times the vertical line is crossed in the diagrams (I still need to count the dashes before I know how many times to yarn over) or how many levels the stitch rises up as you make it or how many times you pull through two loops… It’s confusing enough to remember that a DOUBLE crochet is yarning over ONE time not two! Not to mention that here in the UK where I am now all the stitch names are mixed up… It took me quite a while, lots of long and hard staring at a UK published crochet book and shouting at it (lol) to figure that out…

We makers want to be able to mindlessly crochet with ease, not to be performing brain exercises while we crochet right?…

I’m totally confused now! So I had to make this little chart (above) to restore the order. Am I the only one or the names totally don’t make sense!!! OK so I can maybe see that with double crochet (dc) you pull through two loops two times, with treble crochet (tr) – three times… You build up three “levels” so to speak, hence the “treble”. But then the double treble (dtr) should have been called the quadruple (quad) and so on… To name it double treble is totally confusing!

I often need to refer to visual charts like the one I made for this blog post (if I can find them)! Phew! Now I can see that my FP(yo4times) as in for example my crochet blanket “Christmas Present” (pictured above) should probably have been called the FPtrtr or FPttr, the front post triple treble or the front post treble treble. But like I said that way I would deffinitelly lose count of how many times to yarn over to achieve this stitch, and that’s the only crucial bit of information I really need to build this stitch, and I do want to be able to enjoy my own pattern lol without getting frustrated about the unneccessarily overcomplicated crochet terminology, so I’m sticking with FP(yoXtimes)! I hope you don’t mind…

And to think that taller yet stitches would be called QUADRUPLE TREBLE and QUINTUPLE… wait what, still treble??? Riiight, so we’re stuck with “treble” to name all the tall stitches, I see… as explained on the Spruce Crafts in the article called “How to Crochet a Triple Treble Stitch (TrTr)” (although I don’t agree that the turning chain equivalent to trtr is 5 chains). Doesn’t seem fair to me though!

What do you think about tall crochet stitch names and how often do you get confused? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy (confusion-free) Crocheting and see you around!