This crochet granny square cardigan is made with crochet rose flower granny squares that are designed to look more natural and artistic, almost like you're looking at pictures of roses. I love how the sleeves don't have a lot of bulk in this cardigan and are so simple. This free pattern has a step-by-step video tutorial, is straightforward & easy to follow and there is no seaming involved if you choose to join as you go.

Crochet Granny Square Cardigan “Rose”

Have you ever looked at a blanket and thought, I wonder what it would look like as a cardigan? (LOL) I like blankets, but I probably like making cardigans more! I’ve seen lots of beautiful flower granny squares in blankets, but for a while now I wondered what kind of flower square I’d like to wear as an item of clothing. Well this is my answer! I chose the classic English rose.

This fun & easy beginner crochet daisy granny square cardigan comes in 9 sizes. The daisy granny square is worked almost the same as the traditional granny square as the daisy flowers are made with the bobble stitch. This crochet cardigan jacket pattern features a simple shell border & includes links to the video and photo tutorials that explain how to change color without any tails and how to join granny squares together. This free crochet pattern includes a YouTube video tutorial as well.

Crochet Daisy Granny Square Cardigan in 7 Easy Steps

Learn how to crochet this daisy granny square cardigan (free pattern) in 7 easy steps AND in your size! This cardigan is fun to wear in spring and summer, especially if you add some funky daisy accessories! Hello beginners, we’re going back to the basics with the good old granny squares that never go out … Read more

This crochet ripple blanket pattern is great for spring and summer and reminds me of a spring landscape with yellow and pink flowers.

Crochet Blanket Spring Landscape

This crochet ripple blanket and throw Spring Landscape uses bright and pastel spring colours that remind me of the yellow and pink garden flowers that bloom in spring. Green of course is for the new grass, blue is for the blue skies and the sea and white in granny and puff stitches is for the last of the winter snow. Includes a tutorial of how to join granny squares to the top of granny ripple blanket like this.