This tutorial shows you how to quickly join new yarn color when you make your striped crochet blankets and granny squares.

How To Join New Yarn In Crochet With A Slip Stitch In 4 Easy Steps

This tutorial shows you how to join new yarn in crochet with a slip knot and a slip stitch for your crochet blankets, granny squares and other crochet projects, in 4 easy steps.

I find the slip stitch join to be quick and easy, and it’s my favourite method to use for granny stitch projects, where it’s nice to set your mind on autopilot and not have to search your memory for any specific methods. I think you kind of learn it once, and never forget, and it looks pretty too!

Granny square scarf icy blues free crochet pattern

Granny Square Scarf Icy Blues

This Granny Square Scarf Icy Blues is a totally free crochet pattern for you to enjoy here on my blog & it only takes 24 granny squares of your time. The inspiration for this scarf came from my last project Crochet Afghan Top January Blues where I incorporated the puff stitch into my granny squares. And of course this yarn I am using is pretty inspiring too – I love a bit of sparkle! Includes 3 photo tutorials.

crochet afghan top january blues free pattern photo tutorials

Crochet Afghan Top January Blues

I love the colour BLUE but I don’t love BLUES so I made this crochet afghan top “January Blues” as crochet therapy and colour therapy and a bit of TLC for myself and my wardrobe all rolled into one!

How many granny squares or other crochet pieces do you usually join into an afghan? You might be surprised to learn that making this top can be easier than making an afghan, AND you’ll have a nice piece to wear outside.

Holiday Granny Candy Cane Afghan - Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Blanket Candy Cane Lane

This blanket was made with love for all of you who, like me, perhaps were looking for beautiful crochet candy cane blanket ideas on the net and wished they had stumbled upon something like this- something simple, colourful and festive! It features stripy granny squares embelished with crochet candy cane appliques and a border made of some granny and ribbed stitches to complement the candy cane stripes. This pattern includes 5 photo tutorials.

Crochet Tall Stitches Chart

My Little Rant About Tall Crochet Stitch Names

I don’t know about you, but I get really confused sometimes with how many times to yarn over with all your double crochet, treble crochet, double treble crochet, triple treble/ treble treble crochet stitches… Like, double treble – what does that even mean?..

Holiday Ripple Afghan - Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Blanket Christmas Present

This blanket features a crochet granny square that has been transformed into a little crochet gift parcel complete with a cute little crochet ribbon & bow, which you can also make on its own without joining it into the blanket and turn it into alovely crochet Christmas tree decoration or you can also hang it on your door handle for a festive touch. Or make a matching set of both!

Granny Square Christmas Decorations - Free Crochet Pattern

Granny Square Christmas Crochet Gift Parcel Decoration

These cute little Granny Square Christmas Crochet Gift Parcel Decorations can be made in any colours you like and hung on your Christmas tree or on the door handle for a festive touch during the holidays. Or you can make them in matching colours (named below) to go with the Crochet Blanket “Christmas Present” which is a free crochet pattern here on my blog.

Lacy Hexagon Halloween Afghan - Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Blanket “Starry Halloween Night”: The Border Pattern

I don’t know about you, but after I’ve just completed that big batch of colourful hexagons I can’t just stop now… As they have such an uplifting effect on me! Therefore… We’re going to continue with the gathered chain theme for this border to complement the starry/ spider webby looking lacy Halloween hexagons that we magicked up earlier on.